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Bible, Learning, and Study Time

     Our amazing, late Sue S., pulled together a team to once again offer BLAST during Sunday morning services' "wordy times" (generally, the scripture reading and sermon).

  • Children aged six and up will be invited to leave the pews before the scripture reading.

  • Engage in an activity of the leaders' choice (lesson, craft, preperation to participate in the liturgy).

  • Children will then rejoin their families for communion.

  • Students will continue to be encouraged to participate fully in worship, with kid-centric moments (such ashandbells, signing the Lord's Prayer or Benediction, presenting scripture, monthly children's sermon, and other new ways.)

     If you feel a nudge (that's the Spirit at work!) to join the team, please come be a part of an amazing ministry - where (as is often the case) the "givers" often receive more.

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