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Transition Times

Thanks to the sixty-plus persons who gathered for Messiah's fourth "Congregational Conversation" in our Transition process. (A special thanks to Diana and her able crew, who one again provided fishes and loaves to feed the hungry horde.) As our brunch drew to a close, Pastor Jeff took us through a brief rehearsal of

  • The Transition Team's work to date;

  • Insights gleaned from three Congregational Conversations

Who Messiah Is

Worship and music in our congregational life

The Church Reource Game (Buildings and Budgets Win!);

  • The Interim Pastor's Observations during our first six months together;

  • A Calendar for the Call Process; and

  • A vision of Messiah in August of 2030

The ball now passes to Messiah's Church Council, who will appoint nominees for a Call Committee, then present them to the congregation for election. The Call Committee will then begin discerning and drafting our Mission Site Profile (MSP). The document will eventually be posted for potential pastor candidates to review and, God-willing, snag with the Spirit's touch. Also, an upcoming fall financial/pledge campaign will play an integral part in deciding the type of position Messiah can offer (i.e., full-time, part-time purely "with" Messiah, or part-time shared with other congregations/entities).

The transition team will not disband. Rather, its work will morph in other directions - continuing to aid the Call Committee in completing the MSP and facilitating our new pastor's ministry.

Meanwhile, "Thanks be to God!" for ongoing care and inspiration of our journey - and thanks be to "God with skin on" in the persons who have heeded God's call to be part of the Body of Christ at Messiah!

Loving God, be with us and guide us during this time of discernment. Fill

our leaders with your wisdom. Keep us mindful of the work you would have us

do. Lead us and guide us, O Lord, to be about the work of your kingdom even as

tasks leading to our search for a new pastor begin. Bless all who have taken an

extra responsibility, and fill them with a sense of your love and presence.

We pray in your Son's name, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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