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Our Time of Transition

Transition is the most intense phase of the giving birth/labor process - a storm before the calm. The Lamaze method/birth practice teaches a mom and coah to engage in the "hee-hee-hoo" (or "patterned") breathing. The coach is encouraged to breathe in the mom's face, helping her manage this time of intense anxiety, pain and exhaustion. Transition precedes new life's entrance into the world.

An interim pastor's vocation is twofold - to walk among you as a companion on your spiritual journey (tending to the congregation's worship and sacraments, pastoral needs, and program/ministry support) and be the congregation's coach in the time of transition. Transition is on of the most intense phases of the congregational life, like childbirth. The interim pastor is called to "breathe life in the congregation's face," helping them face and manage a time of intense anxiety, pain, and exhaustion.

I'm excited to share this journey with you. Together, let's catch the Spirit's wind, breathing deeply in God's presence that leads to a new life!


Pastor Jeff

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