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How Do We Embody Pentecost?

We are Pentecostals – really and truly!

June 5 marks 50 days after Easter (pentecost literally means 50 days). The great season of Easter joy ends as the rush of the Spirit’s wind sends the Church out of its gathering place and into the marketplace to share the Good News. They are on fire - with tongues as of flame dancing overhead - and empowered to share the gospel message in tongues understandable by the rich diversity of peoples assembled in the marketplace. Read the story in Acts 2:1-21. Better yet, join us for a minire-enactment at each service on June 5!

How do we, as God’s people gathered as Messiah, behind closed doors on the Lord’s Day, embody Pentecost?

  • Are we gathered? (Pause here.) Are you remaining faithful to the God who has provided everything by responding with the simple request to “keep holy the Sabbath day?” with (at least) one hour of worship? Good seats remain – and the air conditioning is working!

  • Do we gather in eager expectation? Do you come eagerly anticipating and expecting God to show up? As our friends at Cedar Creek like to say (in SO many ways and places), You matter! The energy and impact of worship magnifies exponentially when we do so. For comparison, how do you experience a family or social event when you are eagerly welcomed into the gathering vs. tolerated in a lukewarm fashion?

  • Have you accepted that God has given you gifts? The hand and mind of God uniquely crafts every person. Each of us has a special niche in the marketplace of life in this world. Our journey forms a unique life story and life language that others long to hear (truly – God’s inimitable creativity spins fascinating tales through our flesh). Yet, many of us are blissfully ignorant and clueless about the power of the voice God has given every one of us.

  • Are you taking your story into the marketplace? What’s your niche? Do your friends at the corner pub know you hang out with church people? Do the way you navigate crowded harbors and marinas lead others to thank you (and God)? Have you told the story of making lunches for Salem with your walking buddies? How have you seen someone else’s need, desire, or hope and used the gifts placed within yourself and your reach to “make it happen?”

We were made to be (and are) a Pentecostal people – aflame with the power and love of God. So catch (and share) the Wind!


Pastor Jeff

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