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Confirmation Class for Adults?

But I thought that was just for kids...

What is the purpose of Confirmation?

The intent for confirmation is to support faith formation, which translates into ministry in daily living. While confirmation is a time-honored rite of passage in our Lutheran tradition, we tend to treat confirmation as the finish line when it is more like the starting gate. (adapted from the August 2014 edition of "Living Lutheran")

Confirmation is the rite by which baptized person renews his baptismal vow, publicly confesses his faith, and is received into communicant membership by the congregation. Luther's Small Catechism (at least the version, c. 1930, originally used by my late uncle Don Wolfrum)

It's time to scout about Messiah for persons who are ready to explore (or renew their understanding) of the Christian faith, particularly as the Lutheran tradition expresses. If you're relatively new to MEssiah or have never taken the opportunity. In other words, Confirmation "ain't just for kids"!

Please get in touch with Pastor Jeff, Sue Sherlock, or the church office to express your interest. Then, when we have a good idea of who and how many persons are in the queue, preperation and canvassing for a mutually convenient time to schedule the gathering(s) will begin!

-Pastor Jeff

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